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Seasonal Kitchen. Fresh Ingredients.

They say we eat first with our eyes – then with our taste buds. How true this is! We believe that food can be both delightful to feast your eyes on – and a delicious feast when you sit down to eat. Food is a celebration – and we make sure that every dish we prepare leaps off the plate with color, texture and of course, flavor.

We are blessed to live in the region that is famous for “Farm to Table” – providing us with a cornucopia of the freshest seasonal ingredients. Everytime we plan out a weekly menu – you can be sure that it’s after we source the bounty available at the best farmer’s markets, as close to our kitchen as possible. It’s not just fresh tasting – it’s fresh through and through!

We blend the contemporary freshness of a California harvest with traditional flavors of the Mediteranean, tossing in pieces of our heritage and the kitchens we grew up in: Turkey, Greece, Uzbekistan and Israel, all orchestrated by the Master Artist himself – Guy Pinchasi, one of the most creative chefs in the Bay Area. It’s no wonder that Guy’s calendar is booked solid with private events. And now, you can bring all the goodness to your home – for special occasions or just for a special meal with the people you love most. And whether you’re a carnivore, a vegan or just an all around foodie – there’s something for everyone. Bon Appetit – or as we say in Hebrew – Beteavon! (With appetite!).


Culinary Art was established to celebrate fine cuisine, with local ingredients – blended with the love for food and generous hospitality. Each of our events is tailored to our customers’ specific wishes and vision, making it a unique and memorable experience.

Our food creations are made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients on the market, while presentation and aesthetics are meticulously met

Meal Delivery

In these stressful times, everyone is looking for a way to bring more joy, flavor and health to their home – so we created our chef based Meal Delivery service. Freshness is a top priority for us. We work with local farms and suppliers, giving our Meal Delivery menu a seasonal base and the highest quality, fresh ingredients available

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Our Happy Clients!


We had a company event and a private dinner, the food was so good and delicious, Guy and the team were very nice, always with a smile. we had a great time! thank you!

Donna Griffit

We were having about 15 ppl at our Rosh Hashanah meal and it was too many to start cooking for. Luckily, Guy and team to the rescue! Each dish was more delicious than the last, packed and presented beautifully and plentifully. Everyone was happy, the carnivores, omnivores and vegetarians, adults and kids. You HAVE to try a Guy meal!!! (Warning, seriously addictive!) We highly recommend Culinary Art to anyone who appreciates great, diverse, healthy food and courteous service. The Ben-Tsvi family

Cindy Mcadam

We are so appreciative of what an amazing event Guy and his team provided for us. It was wonderful that we were able to enjoy a meal that was so fresh, so creative, so delicious -- but to also enjoy the friendliness and kindness of Guy and his team made the experience all the more amazing. Guy said he wanted me to feel like a guest at my own party -- but he did even better -- he made me feel like a guest at someone else's awesome party! 😉 We highly recommend Culinary Art to anyone who appreciates great, diverse, healthy food and courteous service. The Ben-Tsvi family

Ben Tzvi Family

We have ordered from Culinary Art multiple times including last Passover, and every time the food exceeded our expectations in its creative recipes, flawless execution and generous quantities. It is food made with love and cooked to perfection. We highly recommend Culinary Art to anyone who appreciates great, diverse, healthy food and courteous service. The Ben-Tsvi family

Moshe Milman

Since the pandemic started we tried looking for an efficient meal service that will allow us to eat healthy with food options that our kids would love and after trying a few options we found the perfect fit with Culinary-art. The food is delivered fresh, made from high-quality ingredients, served nicely in boxes that are easy to organize, and most importantly, taste great!

Marisa Churchill

When Guy started his home meal delivery service we were thrilled! As much as I love to cook, there are times when work and the demands of children don’t make it possible for me to spend the time I’d like to make a nutritious and delicious meal for my family. I love the fact that Guy’s food is very seasonal and vegetable-driven. He always offers something for everybody. Our daughter loves his pasta and lasagna. My husband always goes for the fish dishes. I love Guy’s salads, roasted veggies, and perfectly seared steaks. Thanks to Guy, we have a convenient meal solution that keeps the whole family happy.

Trip Actions

"We went to other catering companies and when we met with Guy and his team I felt they customized my menu and event instead of giving me a package and telling me I had to pick from it. They listened to every detail and have made our corporate events beyond what I expected. From 1,000 person events to small team gatherings and BBQs, they elevate the event no matter the size. I recommend everyone to use them. Their attention to detail, execution, and presentation imagination are amazing. They have made our events impeccable"

Einat Cohen

Our family has been enjoying Guy’s cooking for a year now. We are so grateful to be able to have such fresh, tasty, and nutritious meals every day of the week. Guy and his team bring to our table the most delicious and unique dishes. They are always responsive and happy to accommodate any special requests we had. It’s a blessing for every busy family!

Zack Rinat

We hosted several extraordinarily successful personal and business events at our home with the chef Guy Pinchasi. Culinary Art combines exquisite Israeli cuisine, innovative presentation, and tentative services to create a unique experience. We have the utmost confidence that Guy will continue to exceed our expectations.


Usually, after a conference or a business event, you get a compliment about the speakers, the content, and the event's logistics. But, when you have a chef like Guy, making sure that the food is the star of the event, all you hear is OMG, this is the best food I've ever had. Or, I got to meet the chef. I have to say that he deserves every compliment. Guy is an extraordinary person, he is truly gifted, and we are super lucky to have him as a big part of our event’s success. And I also want to commend his team, the sous-chefs, the waiters, and everybody else involved.

Meirav Harsat

The whole experience started for us even before the food got here, the variety of the ingredients, including plenty of veggies, the original yummy entrees, and a freshly baked challah that comes with it.. our expectations were building up. Lovely Maor came with a huge smile under her mask, right on time with clearly tagged boxes, great portions, and the food!!! Ohh the food! Exceeded our expectations, the girls were literally fighting over salads and zucchini patties! The food lasted for three days, two meals a day for the five of us (we never eat that much, it was just too yummy to stop..). I really liked that upon reheating the texture and tastes did not change (as well as the way the food looked). This is healthy, delicious, high-end food made of excellent ingredients and attention to detail, it's also very aesthetic. At the same time, it is heartwarming and comforting. Tastes like home. I can't wait for the next time we order!!

Marisa Churchill

My husband and I first met Guy when we were looking for someone to cater our wedding. I’m a former chef and really wanted something unique and exceptional for the meal. So the bar was set high. As soon as we met Guy and tasted his food we knew he was the chef we wanted to hire. Years later our friends still talk about the amazing meal that was served at our wedding.

Tammy Broner

My friends and I had a fantastic New Years’ Eve dinner from Culinary Art by Guy Pinchasi. The plating was amazing with fantastic food and clear instructions. The packaging was festive and included lights and various holiday decorations. The quality was comparable to a high-class restaurant. Highly recommended.

Mary Walsh

We had the New Years’ meal delivered- it was all amazing. I would definitely order again

Uri First

Since learning about Chef Guy's amazing food from a good friend a few months ago, our whole family has been regularly enjoying the great, always delicious and fresh food. We could not be happier with both the food and service.

Avi Bar

The food was wonderful and the delivery was exactly on time which was critical for me as we had a packed day. My absolute favorite was the meat in the Pita bread. Man oh man, I had almost all 3 pieces myself! Everything was just super.

Hadara Yonat & Amit

I can’t explain how excited we have been with the amazing food of Culinary Art. My son usually is not open to a variety of food, and this time, he loved everything!! Thank you so much for such an extraordinary experience. We surely are going to order again soon❣️❣️❣️

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