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Seasonal Kitchen. Fresh Ingredients.

For us at Culinary Art, “Seasonal Kitchen. Fresh Ingredients” is not just an empty motto – it’s our belief and our way of life that drives our kitchen and dishes. From choosing the best local suppliers to using seasonal vegetables, we make sure your meal will not just taste fresh, it will actually be fresh. You will find the freshness in every dish, from seafood to steaks, from soups and salad to pasta and more. Our menu is seasonal and features a variety of dishes determined mostly by what is currently available at our local farms’ suppliers. So, whether you are vegan, carnivore or have a sweet tooth, you will find everything you are looking for on our menu. Culinary Art is leading the Corporate and Private events scene in the Silicon Valley, as well as allowing you to bring its unique and fresh dishes to your home, to your family.

Chef Guy Pinchasi

I grew up in a home that was VERY culinary – my father was from the Bukhara region (near what is today Uzbekistan) and my mother, Turkish. Both cultures celebrate life through food. A typical Friday night in our house was filled with family, laughter, wine and good food. Some of my most cherished childhood memories were sitting in the kitchen with my grandmother, watching her hands move magically over ingredients and transforming them into a loving feast.

When I was just 7 I started experimenting in the kitchen with unconventional blends. I always dreamt of unlocking how the great chefs just knew what to put together to make it taste amazing. I wanted to elevate my traditional family recipes to gourmet level. (My mother finally let me cook with her, which was my first resounding success!)

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