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Seasonal Kitchen. Fresh Ingredients.

They say we eat first with our eyes – then with our taste buds. How true this is! We believe that food can be both delightful to feast your eyes on – and a delicious feast when you sit down to eat. Food is a celebration – and we make sure that every dish we prepare leaps off the plate with color, texture and of course, flavor.

We are blessed to live in the region that is famous for “Farm to Table” – providing us with a cornucopia of the freshest seasonal ingredients. Everytime we plan out a weekly menu – you can be sure that it’s after we source the bounty available at the best farmer’s markets, as close to our kitchen as possible. It’s not just fresh tasting – it’s fresh through and through!

We blend the contemporary freshness of a California harvest with traditional flavors of the Mediteranean, tossing in pieces of our heritage and the kitchens we grew up in: Turkey, Greece, Uzbekistan and Israel, all orchestrated by the Master Artist himself – Guy Pinchasi, one of the most creative chefs in the Bay Area. It’s no wonder that Guy’s calendar is booked solid with private events. And now, you can bring all the goodness to your home – for special occasions or just for a special meal with the people you love most. And whether you’re a carnivore, a vegan or just an all around foodie – there’s something for everyone. Bon Appetit – or as we say in Hebrew – Beteavon! (With appetite!).


Culinary Art was established to celebrate fine cuisine, with local ingredients – blended with the love for food and generous hospitality. Each of our events is tailored to our customers’ specific wishes and vision, making it a unique and memorable experience.

Our food creations are made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients on the market, while presentation and aesthetics are meticulously met

Meal Delivery

In these stressful times, everyone is looking for a way to bring more joy, flavor and health to their home – so we created our chef based Meal Delivery service. Freshness is a top priority for us. We work with local farms and suppliers, giving our Meal Delivery menu a seasonal base and the highest quality, fresh ingredients available

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